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So I’ve decided to bite the bullet and start a blog. I’ve also decided to momentarily ignore my given surname, Batterbury, and plump for Beebee instead. Why? Well, first and foremost it’s my maternal grandmother’s maiden name, and I’ll always leap at the chance of being associated with that marvellous woman. Secondly, a small obsession with bees themselves (and honey) means I’m quite happy to be their namesake. And thirdly, of course, because Beebee is such an unlikely name – with more than a faint air of the ridiculous – that it seems suitable for the delightfully preposterous art of blogging.

So what do you need to know about me?

In my gown after matriculation at Durham University, doing my best noctilionine bat girl impression

Living up to my noctilionine surname after Matriculation at Durham University

In short, not much. I’m an English Lit graduate with a love of books, films, art, theatre, cocktails, taxidermy, spiral staircases, octagons, sea glass… The list is endless. And a bit tedious. What you really need to know is what this blog is for; sharing, recommending, reviewing, and musing on all the things I come across that I think are wonderful, useful, or important. That’s it pretty much, so I hope you enjoy…

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  1. paulina schick says:

    I am in Love with your English. It is proper written – it is perfekt. Can u give ME some advice?

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